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Lexington Planning for Future Development

By Brenna Angel

LEXINGTON, Ky. – A preliminary blueprint for Lexington's five-year development outlook will be open to public comment this week. Jim Duncan of the Division of Planning is working with other city officials to put together the 2012 Comprehensive Plan.

"It addresses all issues from housing and transportation to jobs and economic development, as well community facilities and parks. And so we look at a variety of issues and try to determine how the community can grow, accommodate new population, and be responsive to the existing needs of the current population."

Duncan says because of the recession, the housing boom that was a concern for the 2007 plan is no longer an issue, and Lexington's Urban Service Area will not be expanded.

"Probably the biggest thing is that this plan will focus like it did before, but even more so on economic development, and infill and redevelopment, using what remaining land we do have in a more efficient manner."

Duncan says the Planning Commission has crafted goals and objectives [PDF] that are broader than previous plans in an effort to be more flexible.

Two public meetings on the comprehensive plan are scheduled this week: Tuesday at 7p.m. at the Tates Creek Golf Course Ballroom and Wednesday night at 6:30 at the Northside Branch Public Library.