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Grayson Prepares For New Job at Harvard

By Gabe Bullard


FRANKFORT, Ky. -- – Trey Grayson has begun working at Harvard University. Grayson resigned as Kentucky Secretary of State last week to direct Harvard's Institute of Politics.

He lost the 2010 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, and he could not seek re-election to the Secretary of State's office this year. Grayson says he's interested in running for office again, but he hopes the political atmosphere is less divisive when he returns to electoral politics.

"Having a better political environment is something that would encourage more young people want to pursue politics either as a profession or just get involved and maybe help out on campaigns. It is something we want to work on. It's something I hope will get a little better as we go forward in the future."

Grayson says he hopes his work at Harvard will help lead to a better political environment. He has a five year agreement with Harvard. He says he will live in Massachusetts for those five years, but he will return to Kentucky regularly and maintain his voter registration in the commonwealth.