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McConnell To Keep Traditional Seat During State of the Union

By Associated Press / WUKY

WASHINGTON – Don't expect the U.S. Senate's Republican leader to take a different seat during Tuesday night's State of the Union address. Democrats and Republicans usually sit with fellow members of their parties during the annual speech, but some lawmakers are pledging to break with tradition amid calls for more civility in Congress.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on "Fox News Sunday" that he will sit where he usually does for President Obama's speech.

"More important than the appearance of sitting together is what we do together. The American people are more interested in actual accomplishments on a bipartisan basis here in the next six to nine months than they are the seating arrangement at the State of the Union.

McConnell says there aren't seating assignments during the speech for most lawmakers, and those who want to "mix it up" are free to do so.