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City Crews Staying Busy Plowing Snow, Melting Ice

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – Lexington's primary streets and roadways are reportedly in decent shape. That's according to the city's Streets, Roads, and Forestry Director Sam Williams.

"The main roads I think are in good condition for what we've had this morning. And we anticipate it getting better throughout the day here."

Williams says his crews may get a bit of a break later today, but there'll be more work ahead long after the evening rush hour.

"As the evening falls, we're going to get some re-freezing, so we need to watch for that as we go through tonight and into the morning, so we'll continue to monitor the priority routes and keep them treated as needed."

If you're wondering about the city's salt supply, Williams says we're in no danger of running out of it right now.

"We've got a decent inventory on the ground and we're expecting deliveries to start on what we ordered last week, so in the immediate future we're in reasonably good shape."

Williams has headed up the city's Streets, Roads, and Forestry Department for the last three years and says this is the snowiest winter he's had to deal with in that time.