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Will He Or Won't He Show Up?

By Tony McVeigh - Rick Howlett


Frankfort, KY, Louisville, KY – After shaking hands and talking with potential voters at a recreation center for senior citizens, Jack Conway fielded a few questions from reporters. Asked about the KET debate Monday with Rand Paul, Conway said "I hope he shows up." "A famous American comic once said, 90 percent of success is showing up. And this is no time to take your ball and go home. This is a contest for the future of Kentucky."

Meanwhile in Louisville, Rand Paul was telling reporters he will announce Friday if he intends to participate in the fifth and final debate with Conway. He's threatening to skip the debate because of a Conway ad questioning some of Paul's alleged activities in college. In the Republican primary, Paul ran an ad questioning opponent Trey Grayson's judgment in college.

"but the thing is, should a person who runs for public office. I think you're going to dwindle your pool of who will run for public office if you have to respond to anonymous attacks. I'm not going to respond to anybody who is an anonymous person who wants to come out and say things about me."

On November 2nd, voters will decide whether Paul or Conway will be Kentucky's next U.S. Senator.

WUKY will air the debate live Monday night at 8 p.m.