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Paul Reconsidering Final Debate With Conway

By Brenna Angel


LEXINGTON, Ky. – Flanked by about a dozen supporters outside the VA Medical Center in Lexington, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul said Monday that people who fight for our country deserve their government's support.

"You hear me talk a lot about what government shouldn't do; this is one of the things I think government should be doing and should do a good job at it."

Paul also briefly addressed the debate he had with Democrat Jack Conway the night before at the University of Louisville. It ended with Paul refusing to shake his opponent's hand. Now the Republican says he may not participate in their final debate scheduled for October 25.

"We haven't fully decided, but I'm not sure if I'll appear in public with someone who's going to question my religion."

In a television ad released last week, Conway's campaign focuses on allegations stemming from Paul's college years, and the ad claims that Paul wants to do away with federal faith-based initiatives. Paul has called the ad "desperate and shameful."

In a statement, Conway spokesman John Collins says Rand Paul should keep his commitment to the KET debate and "explain his actions to the people of Kentucky."