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Newest Voter Registration Numbers Released

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – In terms of voter registration, Democrats still outnumber Republicans in Kentucky. But Les Fugate of the Secretary of State's office says the latest voter registration numbers indicate Republicans and independents signed up more voters since May than Democrats.

"But that's kind of to be expected in this environment. In 2008, we saw the Democratic numbers tick up and that was what was deemed a more Democratic year by most of the analysts. So, it's not something that's all that surprising. But it does stick with the general trend that we've seen in Kentucky over the last 10 to 15 years - is that generally independents and Republicans are increasing their share of the voting population in Kentucky and Democrats are decreasing."

Statewide, there are almost two-point-nine million registered voters. More than one-point-six million are Democrats, over one million are Republicans and almost 194-thousand are independents. Fifty-three percent of Kentucky's registered voters are women. Forty-seven percent are men.