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Lexington To Hold Medication Drop-off Event

By Stu Johnson - Kentucky Public Radio

Lexington, KY – Unwanted, unused, or outdated prescription or over the counter' medications can be dropped off at five Lexington locations October 23rd. Without proper disposal, police commander Ken Armstrong says these drugs are a threat to public safety and the environment. In Lexington, at least, Armstrong sees little evidence of abuse by young people who comb through medicine cabinets.

"So, this is another way to make our community safer by removing it from the medicine cabinet in the back things that you don't think are necessarily important from a surgery three years ago that teens in the community might be exposed to. So, it's not always someone breaking into the home to steal something," said Armstrong.

Flushing prescription and over the counter drugs is a common practice. However, Mark York, who's with Lexington's environmental quality department, says they now worry the medications can contaminate drinking water.

"Some studies are showing some trace amounts of pharmaceuticals showing up. The E-P-A is taking a look at this issue right now. They determine the water quality drinking standards, and so, if this really is an issue that needs to be addressed, E-P-A will then put out some new standards for drinking water," added York.

Unwanted medications will be accepted on October 23rd. Lexington's five drop off locations are the police roll call center on Centre Parkway, Kentucky American Water Company, Consolidated Baptist Church, Northeast Christian Church, and Broadway Baptist Church. The medicine should be kept in original containers with personal information blacked out.