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UK Performs First Pediatric Kidney Transplant In 8 Years

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – Courtney Stroud of Carlisle, received all of her care, including the August 31st transplant, within the Commonwealth. Courtney's mother Sheryl Stroud, says not having to travel far gave the family one less thing to deal with.

"It was within two weeks that Courtney was diagnosed and her dad died, so that was a really hard time just emotionally getting through that. And financially it's been hard since he died because we have a loss of income, and having to travel back and forth for dialysis. If we'd had to go out of state and stay, I really don't know what we could have done because I just couldn't afford it."

UK Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Dr. Michael Karpf, says the successful surgery represents a milestone in the hospital's effort to revitalize its pediatric kidney transplant program. He says the goal now is to complete one hundred or more kidney transplants in adults and children by the end of next year.