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Pie Contest Kicks Off Holiday Festivities

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – Judges from Sullivan University's Culinary Institute literally tasted their way through Cheapside Pavilion to determine who achieved baking excellence for 2010. Sandy Ramsey, who came all the way from Pikeville, took top honors in the "made from scratch" category with, what else, her All American Apple Pie.

"I got up at five a.m. this morning and made my pie from scratch and we left there a little before eight."

Ramsey was a two time winner on this day. She also captured the coveted "prettiest pie" award.

"What's prettier than the American flag? That's how I decorated it.
All around it, on top, everywhere I could put it."

After the judging was over, hundreds of revelers and onlookers got their own special prize; a free slice of pie, and an ice cream sundae too.

Holiday festivities conclude with a fireworks display Saturday night, July third.