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Vandals Strike Kentucky Capitol Again

By Tony McVeigh

Frankfort, KY – Four years ago, obscenities were spray-painted on sandstone columns on the State Capitol's fa ade. Three local men in their 20's were later arrested and convicted of the crime. Now, someone has thrown a smoker's pole at the original wooden doors at the Capitol's west entrance, scarring one door and scuffing another. David Buchta of Historic Properties says the damage is repairable, but this second act of vandalism on the 100-year-old building worries him. "And how we can get the message out to people what importance this building has and this is something we don't want to happen to our landmark capitol building."

Buchta says security at the building has been increased in recent years, and the entrance where the vandalism occurred is under 24-hour video surveillance. Those tapes are now being reviewed by Kentucky State Police.