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Documentary Explores Issues Surrounding Kentucky Coal

By Brenna Angel


LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – The issues and perspectives surrounding coal mining are numerous and complex. A new film debuting this week hopes to educate viewers about Kentucky's primary source of energy.

Producer Julie Martinez says the film, simply titled "Coal in Kentucky," isn't about taking sides.

"Far too often coal is perceived to be a very polarizing topic with an 'us versus them,' and that's not how we tried to approach this film. We've tried to approach it as giving a variety of people their opportunity to present their perspective."

Funded by a grant from the state Energy and Environment Cabinet, the documentary was produced by the University of Kentucky Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments.

"Coal in Kentucky" will premiere in Lexington Tuesday at 7pm at the Kentucky Theatre. Filmmakers hope to eventually have the documentary air on KET.