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Farmer Considering Run For Governor

By Stu Johnson

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer sounds interested in running for the top job in state government.

"I don't know for sure yet but, that is certainly a very real possibility," says Farmer, who attended a bill signing Monday with Gov. Steve Beshear in Lexington.

Beshear, a democrat, has already announced his intention to see re-election in 2011. Farmer, a republican, admits a run for secretary of state is also not out of the question.

"Certainly a possibility and I guess you know they say that it's good to have all those opportunities available but we'll see what happens."

Farmer indicated he is not interested in running as a lieutenant governor candidate. He says he hasn't given any serious thought to who might accompany him on the GOP ticket, if he decides to run for governor.

The two term Ag commissioner and former University of Kentucky basketball player says he will have to consider if a run is the right decision for his family.