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Sad Chapter of KY Civil War Recalled in New Drama

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – Georgie Riddle and Donna Phillips, who both work at Shaker Village, were commissioned to tell the story of the mass-expulsion of some 400 African Americans from the depot in November of 1864. Riddle says "Blow Ye the Trumpet Blow" is a fictionalized account of the human tragedy as seen through the eyes of Union Private Joseph Miller.

"These people were promised sanctuary. These men left their life of slavery to fight for freedom for themselves and for their families and this is what they received in kind the expulsions of their wives and children into freezing temperatures".

Riddle says she and Phillips were determined to portray life in the camp as authentically as possible.

"Quite obviously this is not a story that ends with and they lived happily ever after". One of the challenges as a matter of fact of putting this play on was how do we present a two act play, and give people something other than ninety minutes of sorry and misery. So, we introduce them to the Millers and some other composite characters and gave them a taste of what life was like, the games they played, their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations before we actually take them into the depths of despair".

"Blow Ye the Trumpet Blow" will be performed this Saturday and Sunday at Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park.