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Conway Seeks Dismissal of Rate Increase Request

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – Kentucky's attorney general is seeking dismissal of pending rate cases for the state's two largest utilities. Jack Conway says rate hikes for Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities should not be allowed to proceed while the companies are being sold to Pennsylvania Power and Light.

"Allowing this rate case to go forward when there is also a change of control and merger approval hearing pending at the Public Service Commission - and there's some question as to how LG&E and KU arrived at these evaluations and how it has been factored into this merger case - it's just not appropriate, in my opinion."

Conway wants the rate cases dismissed until after the sale, and hopes the PSC will rule on his dismissal motion before next Tuesday's rate hearing in Frankfort.

The companies are seeking almost $250-million in rate hikes, the largest combined increases in Kentucky history.