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Lexington Police Giving Out Free Gun Locks

By Brenna Angel

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – A few seconds spent putting a gun lock on a firearm could end up saving a life. The Lexington Division of Police is giving away free gun locks in an effort to promote gun safety awareness.

Children can be very curious about guns, and Lexington Police officer Bige Towery says hiding the keys to a gun lock are much easier than hiding a gun.

"First you want to make sure the firearm is empty, it's not loaded, there's no ammunition in it. From there the lock is very simple to use on any type of firearm, whether it be a revolver, a semi-automatic, a rifle, a shotgun; they can be used on any type of firearm."

Last week, a nine-year-old Lexington boy was shot and killed by a gun he found in the family garage. Towery says accidents like that are a reminder of how important gun safety education is.

"Unfortunately we find that a lot of young people don't understand the finality that's involved with firearms. [To them] it is more of a game, it is more of a toy, and it is heartbreaking."

The Lexington Division of Police is giving away free gun locks in conjunction with a nationwide program called Project ChildSafe. The cable-style locks can be picked up during normal business hours at the police headquarters on Main Street.