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Beshear to Legislature - Don't Make Me Call A Special Session

By Stephanie Crosby

Louisville, KY – Kentucky legislators have a Thursday deadline to approve a roughly 17-billion dollar state spending plan. House Democrats and Senate Republicans are divided on whether the state should borrow money for new schools and other projects.

Governor Steve Beshear says if the legislature fails to meet the deadline, he'll be forced to call a special session, at a cost of 60-thousand dollars per day for taxpayers.

"It has happened two or three times in the past six or seven years. Not since I became governor, but before that, and I believe one of the last times they did it, about six or seven of the incumbents lost in the ensuing election, and I would hope that they will take that as a lesson learned and get the job done by April 15th."

In the current debate, House leaders contend borrowing for the projects will help create jobs, while Senate leaders say the commonwealth shouldn't take on more debt in the current economy.