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Texting Bill Passes Out of Ky. Senate

By Stu Johnson

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- – Legislation to ban sending and reading text messages while while driving has easily passed the Kentucky Senate.

The bill, sponsored by Louisville Senator Denise Harper-Angel, also prohibits juveniles from talking on a cell phone while driving.

"The act will be a deterrent to reckless driving by stopping it before it becomes reckless driving," Harper-Angel said.

But Scott County Senator Damon Thayer voted against the measure. Thayer believes enforcement would be difficult.

"How is a law enforcement official able to tell the difference when I'm on my blackberry texting or looking up a phone number or using g-p-s. I don't think it can be done and I urge the members to vote against the bill I don't think it's necessary."

Thayer and other opponents of the bill argue texting while driving is already covered under reckless driving laws.

Proponents say the ban serves as a deterrent to reckless driving. The measure calls for warnings until January and then fines ranging from 25 to 50 dollars.