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Charter Schools Not Part Of Plan To Get Fed Dollars

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – Inclusion of charter schools possibly could have boosted Kentucky's chances of landing 245-million in federal funds to help rescue persistently, low-achieving schools. Charter schools are publicly funded, but are freed from some state regulations in exchange for greater accountability. But the charter school issue died on a tie vote in the Senate Education committee. That pleases House Education Committee Chairman Carl Rollins, a charter school opponent. "In 17% of the cases, the students do better in charter schools. In 37% of the cases, they do worse than they would in public schools. And in 46% of the cases, there's no significant difference."

After the bill, without charter schools, cleared the Senate, the House quickly passed it 95-0 and sent it to the governor. The state has until Tuesday to apply for federal Race to the Top dollars. The state should receive at least 45-million dollars for just applying.