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Swine Flu Cases Continue To Decline In KY

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – Swine flu has now claimed at least 36 lives in Kentucky and remains widespread, but health officials say, in recent weeks, they've seen fewer cases of the infectious disease. State Health Commissioner Dr. William Hacker says it remains to be seen if the trend will continue. "We don't know what January's going to look like, but I certainly am prepared to assume we're going to see more flu cases, in another wave coming. It may be the seasonal flu, or may be seasonal flu and H1, or may just be H1."

The availability of swine flu vaccine continues to increase, with almost one million doses shipped to Kentucky. To date, the state has been allocated enough vaccine to cover about 26% of the population. If you still have questions about swine flu or seasonal flu, call the Flu Hotline at 877-843-7727.