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New Program To Care For Abandoned Horses

By Jennifer Parker


Lexington, KY – Ellen Hamilton is the manager of equine education at the Kentucky Horse Park. She says that the bad economy is largely responsible for the swelling numbers of horses being turned into the Humane Center. Cindy Ruleman on the Board of Directors had first come to the division with the problem .

"She had mention to us that there were some pregnant mares that had bene abandoned . So we had agreed to take them in for part of our education course when we talked to them, there were all kinds of horses that had been abandoned . We decided to use our education program as a way to help save some of these horses."

Hamilton expects her students to find a strong sense of purpose fostering the horses. Lori Neagle (NEH-gul), the Executive Director of the Equine Human Center, believes that the partnership will be very advantageous both to the students and horses .

"These horse have little or no training . That's a big asset for us .. they can get some training and be in a structured environment . That would just make them more adoptable."

The Kentucky Horse Park starts its new four-month Professional Horseman's Course in January. The partnership is expected to go on for many years.