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Longest Short Story Project Draws Writers All Over Town

By Hammond - Lytle


Lexington, KY –

"Why yes I said, though I'm not sure you want this pen, as I pulled it from my
pocket and held it in front of her, teasingly out of her reach."

The woman you just heard reading aloud is Gail Koehler, a contributing writer for the Longest-Short Story ever written project in Lexington. The event is part of the National Day on Writing and is supported by the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. Local writers, celebrities, and ambitious amateur scribes are putting pen to paper at various sites around Lexington. Author Lynn Pruett, also contributed her lines at Third Street Stuff.

"This is a great thing for writing and a great way to celebrate and I love everybody contributing to a story because it becomes so much more imaginative and interesting, and it takes the idea that a writer just sits there alone in a little lonely garret writing and puts it out in public and so the coffee shop is a perfect place for it."

First lady Jane Beshear will write the final lines of the narrative just prior to a full reading of the story tonight at 6 at the Carnegie Center.