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Council Members Invited To Take Walking Tour Of South LIme

By Alan Lytle


Lexington, KY – Joe Graviss, who owns a McDonald's restaurant in the heart of the construction zone wants council members to see for themselves the toll it is taking on local businesses.

( We want to bring the city council members down there, many of which have said they would join us to talk to the business owners first hand that can't afford to leave their businesses to go to meetings and work session because they've had to lay off employees and they're basically it. So we're bringing the city council to them).

Graviss says the main complaint he and other business owners have is that the construction is taking too long, and the longer it takes to finish the project, the longer the businesses will suffer.

( We understand there has to be some pain. However, we want the pain to be over with as fast as possible, and that's not happening).

The tour gets under way Thursday at 3:30 in the McDonald's parking lot.