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Capitol Rotunda Getting Much-Needed Makeover

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – It's 172 feet from the marble floor of the Capitol rotunda to the top of the dome, which needs fresh paint, plaster work, and new lighting. So, scaffolding must be erected for workers to reach the ceiling. David Buchta of Historic Properties tells Kentucky Public Radio it sounds dangerous, but it's been done before, in 1955 and the late 1960's. "There will be a state building inspector on site to make sure that it's done appropriately. And over a certain height, you do have to insure that it is secured."

To make sure none of the rotunda's five historic statutes are damaged, each will be encased in wooden frames. There will be no access to the rotunda during the project, which must be finished before January, when the legislature convenes. The work is part of preparations for next year's centennial celebration. The State Capitol was dedicated in 1910.