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As Promised, Some KY Parents Don't Let Their Kids Hear Obama's Speech

By Alan Lytle


Lexington, KY – Some area parents pulled their kids out of the classroom, opting instead to take them out for pizza at a local restaurant as one Lexington resident suggested. Mica Sims says she used a social networking site to reach out to other concerned parents.

"I've read the speech and the speech is great. I have no problem with the speech whatsoever I think it probably was not the original speech .but and there are several families that have come out saying hey we're just gonna pull our kids out for lunch and put em back in so, I sent out a facebook message and said hey, let's meet out at Gattitown for lunch out with the kids".

Sims insists her decision reflects her strong desire to keep "all politics" out of the classroom.

"I personally would love for him to do a primetime special where the families and their kids could sit in the living room and the kids could ask questions and the parents answer them. I'm not worried about what Obama is saying, I think that public schools should not have their teachers discussing politics with the kids."

Meanwhile The Herald Leader reports that the President's speech was generally well received at Lexington's Henry Clay High School, which has an enrollment of just over 2-thousand students. Principal John Nochta told the paper about 15 of them opted to go to the school library for an alternative assignment.