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Victim's Mother Offers Tearful Testimony In Stinson Trial

By Rick Howlett


Louisville, KY – Stinson is charged with reckless homicide and wanton endangerment in the

heat stroke death last year of sophomore player Max Gilpin.

The first witness, called by the prosecution, was Max's mother, Michele Crockett,

who described the scene at the PRP practice field when she arrived after

learning that her son had fallen ill.

(people were asking to open his eyes, and his eyes were about half open,

and they were really bloodshot).

Max died three days later at a Louisville hospital.

Crockett also told the jury that her son was taking the prescription drug Adderall

at the time for attention deficit disorder. Stinson's attorneys contend the drug

could have contributed to Max's heat stroke.

Prosecutors say Stinson denied his players water during the practice and

overworked them in the August heat.