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Presidential Message To Schoolkids Has Some KY Parents Upset

By Jennifer Parker - Alan Lytle


Lexington, KY – Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman, says if parents object, they have the option of contacting their school's principal to allow their child to opt out and be given a different assignment at that time. Silberman says a letter is being sent with all the district's students, detailing what is planned to be in the speech.

"That's what was shared with us by . Arnie Duncan . It's a motivational talk to kids about education . Be respectful to their parents . What was sent to us, it did not look like there were any kind of political agendas . Shared with the kids at all."

Steve Robertson, the Chairman of the Republican Party in Kentucky, believes the motivational talk merits concern and scrutiny, he tells the Lexington Herald Leader he finds the idea "kind of creepy." The speech will be delivered around noon on Tuesday.