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Several Horse Barns Destroyed At State Fairgrounds

By Stephanie Sanders


Louisville, KY – Kentucky State Fair Board Chairman Harold Workman says the next event scheduled to use the horse barns is the North American International Livestock Expo Quarter Horse Show in early November. He says even if the barns aren't re-built by then, the nature of the show would allow them to continue without them.

"There may be some that's in first that's in cutting classes, and then they leave and then you may get some of your game horses and pleasure horses, they're coming and going. And we're probably using maybe five or six hundred stalls at any one time, so we should be able to work around that if we have to."

Workman says they'll need to have the barns re-built by next year's Kentucky State Fair, when all that space is used. This year's state fair had just wrapped up Sunday night.