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Gas "Fracking" In Appalachia


Capitol News Connection – At a Capitol Hill hearing, energy executive Mike John said his company is exploring the Marcellus Shale. It's a layer of rock under New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and a small portion of Kentucky. John says it holds one of the world's largest natural gas deposits.

"The shale gas revolution has made greater energy independence and significantly cleaner environment attaina! ble goals today."

Drilling companies use "hydraulic fracturing", or fracing (fracking), to unlock shale gas. The process involves injecting water and sand mixed with toxic chemicals underground to allow gas to flow up. New York Democratic Congressman Maurice Hinchey wants to protect water supply from fracking.
"No one is opposed to the drilling of natural gas, but we are interested in making sure that that activity is done in a way that is not injurious to other people."

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, gas has seeped into underground water and caused explosions. But state regulators said drilling is not the cause. Industry supporters say new federal regulations would drive up energy costs and delay projects.
For Kentucky Public Radio, I'm Yanmei Xie, Capitol News Connection, Washington.