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State Auditor Says Many "Lessons Learned" From Airport Spending Scandal

By Stu Johnson


Lexington, KY –
The airport audit, released in February, detailed more than half a million dollars in excessive spending by airport management. The five page document, "Recommendations for Public and Nonprofit Boards, provides 28 suggestions. Lexington-Fayette Urban County council member Tom Blues says too often board members sit passively, raise hands, vote yes-vote no.
(I think the auditor's recommendations are gonna get board members much more involved more intent much more committed to their work.)(I think that all boards now are more conscious of their responsibilities and of their obligations to due diligence on matters financial especially.)
Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says he has sent the auditor's document out to a number of agencies associated with urban county government. He says he's asked them to make an evaluation, based on the recommendations, and report back within 30 days.