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Session By The Numbers

By Tony McVeigh


Lexington, Ky – Seven-hundred-34 bills were introduced during the session, 190 in the Senate and 544 in the House. That compares to 795 bills introduced in 2007, which was also a short session. One-hundred-one bills, or 18-point-five percent of all bills introduced this year, were approved and signed into law.

Governor Beshear issued only one veto this year, a line-item in the state road plan, which lawmakers did not try to override. The 2009 session was scheduled to last 30 days, but House democrats voted to end the session a day early, to conform with new House rules limiting action in the final two days to veto overrides.

The 29-day session adjourned sine die on March 26th. Lawmakers don't convene again until January 2010, unless Governor Beshear calls a special session.