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Cabinet Secretaries Continue To Sound Dire Warnings Over Budget Cuts

By Kentucky Public Radio


Frankfort, KY – Health and Family Services Secretary Janie Miller says despite four-percent cuts, all effort is being made to protect current staffing levels. That's particularly the case for frontline personnel who protect the safety and well being of children and seniors. In the current economic climate, Miller says the cabinet has little choice. "We anticipate that the economic stress on families - people who are losing jobs, having cutbacks, having difficulties figuring out they're going to pay their mortgage payment - to exacerbate stress that already exists in families and that in fact, it may result in additional demand for child and adult protective services."

But there will be cuts, in funding to local Health Departments and the Norton Poison Control Center in Louisville, and in programs like foster care. All told, Miller's cabinet is facing cuts of almost 19-million dollars.