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KY Electoral Votes Cast For McCain

By Kentucky Public Radio


Frankfort, KY – Democratic Senator Barack Obama may be the President-elect, but all eight of Kentucky's Electoral College votes went to Republican Senator John McCain on Arizona. That's because McCain carried Kentucky by more than 300-thousand votes. Elector James Snider of Franklin represents Kentucky's 1st Congressional District. "It's exciting to be part of history and know that your name and your vote is going to be recorded in the federal register, and that you'll be a part of history."

Kentucky's eight electors, meeting at the State Capitol, also voted for Republican Sarah Palin for Vice-President. The votes will be sealed and transmitted from each state to the President of the U-S Senate who will open them on January 8th and read the results to both houses of Congress. The candidates with the most Electoral College votes will be declared the next President and Vice-President of the United States.