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KY Supreme Court Rejects Convicted Killer's Latest Appeal

By Kentucky Public Radio


Frankfort, KY – Ronnie Lee Bowling was found guilty in Laurel Circuit Court of two murders that occurred in separate gas stations robberies in the winter of 1989. He was sentenced to death for each.
Both sentences were later upheld on direct appeal to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Later appeals met the same fate.

Now, Bowling is challenging the reliability of ballistics testimony provided at trial by an FBI analyst. The expert said bullets found at the crime scenes matched those found at Bowling's home.

But in a 4-3 decision, the Kentucky Supreme Court is denying Bowling's request for a new trial. The high court agrees with a lower court that even if the ballistics expert's testimony is suspect, it is merely a stone in a foundation strong enough to stand without it. In other words there is enough corroborating evidence to support the guilty verdicts.