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Horse Capital: She's Riding Out The COVID-19 Storm

Samantha Lederman

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on everyone including our friends in Kentucky's signature Horse Industry.  Horse Capital reporter Samantha Lederman recently took a trip to Clearview Equestrian Center, a few miles from Keeneland, to talk to the barn manager and owner Alexa Ehlers. Alexa grew up in Texas but came to Kentucky to attend UK nursing school and never left. While she was still a student she set up her business boarding, breeding and training event horses, and since graduating she has juggled the equestrian center with a full time job as a nurse at UK.  Alexa is an ambitious and accomplished competitor and earlier this year she took a step back from her nursing career to concentrate on her riding.  However, thanks to the Coronavirus, she is now back at the hospital full time again, working nights in the neuro ICU.

Listeners might remember Lederman and her English accent from when she was a morning news anchor on WUKY from 1999 to 2001.
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