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0000017c-9d77-d6fa-a57f-ff7726d30000Veteran reporter Samantha Lederman's beat is all things equine - from trail riding to top-level competition and everything in between.Samantha's reports provide a vital window into Lexington's reputation as the "Horse Capital of the World."

Horse Capital: 'We're Going To Redefine Equestrian Performance'

Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, and while there are plenty of safety studies that concentrate on jump technology, or horse physiology, historically there hasn't been much attention paid to the impact rider strength and fitness can have.  But as Horse Capital reporter Samantha Lederman tells us that's beginning to change, thanks to UK Eventing Team Strength Trainer Tony Sandoval.

Listeners might remember Lederman and her English accent from when she was a morning news anchor on WUKY from 1999 to 2001.
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