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Spotlighting issues affecting the bottom line in Central Kentucky.

The Business Side: Leaky Bucket Update, Part 1

It’s been ten years since the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce released the original Leaky Bucket report. It identified the areas of the state budget where spending outpaced revenue, where the figurative bucket of state funds was leaking the fastest. That report found that corrections, Medicaid and public employee health insurance were the biggest holes in the bucket.

An update in 2014 showed progress, but a recent update to the Leaky Bucket report suggests there has since been a reversal, with spending in those problem areas continuing to outpace other state expenditures.

President and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Ashli Watts joins WUKY's Dan Collins in the first installment of a special three-part interview to talk about the report and what it means for the future of the commonwealth.