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WUKY Takes Home Top Honors From The Kentucky Broadcasters Association For Radio Newscast, Anchor, And Political Coverage

Lexington's NPR news station, WUKY-FM, has received 14 accolades from the Kentucky Broadcasters Association for its reporting in 2021 — including 6 first place nods.

As the commonwealth continued to grapple with the fallout from multiple crises, from a resurgent pandemic to the violent tornadoes that tore through the western part of the state, WUKY's news team remained the KBA's most decorated Lexington radio station.

WUKY captured top honors in the Best Short Newscast category, showcasing work from the entire newsroom, while news director Alan Lytle took the top Radio Anchor spot.

The station's political coverage received double distinctions as reporter Josh James and assistant news director Karyn Czar brought home first and third place entries respectively.

Rounding out the top awards were three submissions from Karyn Czar highlighting the devastation facing a couple who lost their home in the Western Kentucky tornadoes, the return of live theater, and a Kentucky student's win in the Google Doodle contest.

The news team also won kudos for collaborations with UK's Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History Director Doug Boyd, including a piece documenting the lives and impact of Southern LGBTQ+ individuals; sports coverage of a "most unusual Derby,"; and a story spotlighting the "Stop Asian Hate" campaign by newcomer Arlo Barnette.

Below is a full list of the awards:

  • First Place: Short Newscast (WUKY News Team), Radio Anchor (Alan Lytle), Political Coverage (Josh James), Short Serious News Feature (Karyn Czar), Short Light News Feature (Karyn Czar), and Long Light News Feature (Karyn Czar)
  • Second Place: Short Light News Feature (Karyn Czar), Sports Feature (Alan Lytle and Doug Boyd), and Short Serious News Feature (Arlo Barnette)
  • Third Place: Radio Reporter (Karyn Czar), Political Coverage (Karyn Czar), Long Public Affairs (Alan Lytle and Doug Boyd), Sports Reporting (Karyn Czar), and Special Series (Alan Lytle and Doug Boyd)