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What Vermont's Capital And A City In France Have In Common


What the L is going on? Montpellier, France, ordered jerseys for its professional soccer club. But when the jerseys were unpacked, there was just one L in the town's name, not two - penalty on the manufacturer. But Montpellier city officials didn't despair - they donated. They sent the one-L jerseys to the city of Montpelier - one L - Vt., where they'll be auctioned to raise money for the Montpelier High School Athletic Department and other charities, including a church in Ghana. That's where Noel Riby-Williams, a Montpelier senior and soccer player, was born, she told TV station WCAX.


NOEL RIBY-WILLIAMS: It's just great that out of a little kindness, another little kindness happens. And if everybody in the world just spread kindness, the world would be such a better place.

SIMON: You know, it sounds as if both Montpellier and Montpelier are going to have great seasons.

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