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Trump, Clinton Win Mississippi, Trump And Kasich Lead In Michigan


The results in tonight's presidential primaries are starting to come in. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been declared the winners in Mississippi. Polls in Michigan closed just a few minutes ago. NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving is here in the studio with results. Ron, what's the latest?

RON ELVING, BYLINE: Ari, we do know about Mississippi. Donald Trump has won there despite an enormous vote on the part of white born-again, evangelical Christians - self-identified - who one would have thought would have been a great constituency for Ted Cruz a few months ago. But that vote has not prevented Donald Trump from winning in Mississippi tonight. In Michigan, we do not have a call on either party's part. But we do know that Donald Trump is doing well with about a quarter of the vote count in. He has about 38 percent of the vote there. John Kasich, who has not been a major factor thus far in the primaries and caucuses, is running a clear second with 26 percent of the vote, Ted Cruz behind him and then Marco Rubio bringing up the rear. That might hold. And if it does, Donald Trump will have had a pretty good night, winning in both Mississippi and Michigan. We have two smaller Republican events coming much later tonight in Idaho and Hawaii.

SHAPIRO: And on the Democratic side, African-American voters in large part carrying Hillary Clinton to a solid victory in Mississippi. And what can we say about Michigan?

ELVING: In Michigan, the African-American vote is nowhere near as large, although it's very significant. It's over 20 percent. But it is nowhere near what it was in Mississippi, where it was something like approaching 70 percent and where it was overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. So that one was really never a contest. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Ron Elving is Senior Editor and Correspondent on the Washington Desk for NPR News, where he is frequently heard as a news analyst and writes regularly for NPR.org.