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New Museum Charts the History of the Cocktail

A passionate coalition of bartenders is establishing the world's first museum devoted exclusively to high balls, low balls, fizzes and other mixed drinks.

The Museum of the American Cocktail now occupies space inside the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans. It traces the American cocktail from its birth in the early 19th century through its "golden age" in the early 20th century, up to its revival in the 1990s.

Bartending guru and primary museum founder Dale DeGroff talks about the cocktail's history and cultural significance with host Scott Simon. Among other tidbits, DeGroff reveals the real recipe behind James Bond's famous martini preference. He also shares the cocktail recipe below, which he created for the museum's grand opening:

The Angelita

2 oz Gran Centenario Plata Tequila

1 oz Grand Marnier

3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 tsp Simple Syrup

Rim glass with salt. Combine ingredients in a mixing glass. Shake vigorously. Pour into rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

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