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Harvard Law Professor Draws Crowds to Class

Law professor Morton Horwitz lectures at Harvard's Paine Hall.
Anthony Brooks, NPR
Law professor Morton Horwitz lectures at Harvard's Paine Hall.

There's at least one on every campus: a class so popular, a professor so inspiring that there's a waiting list to get in. As students head back to class after winter break, NPR surveys some of the hottest courses on the nation's campuses.

In the first part of the series, NPR's Anthony Brooks sits in on a Harvard law history class that's in such demand that students must enter a lottery to attend.

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Anthony Brooks has more than twenty five years of experience in public radio, working as a producer, editor, reporter, and most recently, as a fill-in host for NPR. For years, Brooks has worked as a Boston-based reporter for NPR, covering regional issues across New England, including politics, criminal justice, and urban affairs. He has also covered higher education for NPR, and during the 2000 presidential election he was one of NPR's lead political reporters, covering the campaign from the early primaries through the Supreme Court's Bush V. Gore ruling. His reports have been heard for many years on NPR's Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition.