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Moviemaking and Reality TV in 'Film School'

A new reality series places focus on people not often seen in front of the camera: young film directors.

Documenting life at New York University, Film School follows four aspiring auteurs as they struggle to finance and produce student films that could become the seeds for their careers.

The project is the work of documentarian Nanette Burstein, who was also responsible for The Kid Stays in the Picture, about the life of Hollywood legend Robert Evans.

NPR's Jennifer Ludden spoke to Burstein about the new series, which airs Friday nights on the Independent Film Channel.

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Jennifer Ludden helps edit energy and environment stories for NPR's National Desk, working with NPR staffers and a team of public radio reporters across the country. They track the shift to clean energy, state and federal policy moves, and how people and communities are coping with the mounting impacts of climate change.