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Book Picks from the Architect of the Patriot Act

Georgetown law professor Viet Dinh
Georgetown law professor Viet Dinh

In the penultimate installment of our summer reading series, we chat with Georgetown law professor Viet Dinh about what he's reading this season. Dinh served two years as a U.S. assistant attorney general, and during that time was instrumental in drafting the USA Patriot Act, giving the government sweeping tools to fight terrorism.

Dinh is fond of political fiction and was hooked by Jeffrey Archer novels including Kane & Abel, As the Crow Flies and Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less. It's no surprise then that one of Dinh's favorite biographies is Jeffrey Archer: Stranger than Fiction, by Michael Crick. He's also a fan of Deception Point, by Dan Brown and Charlie Wilson's War, by George Crile. The next book Dinh plans to pick up is American Soldier, an autobiography of Gen. Tommy Franks, co-written with Malcolm McConnell.

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