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Kentucky Congressmen Weigh In On ISIS Terror Threat

Kentucky Congressmen are weighing in on the terrorist group ISIS and the danger it poses to the United States. 

ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria, has been blamed for the murders of two American journalists in recent days. 

In an interview for WKYT’s Kentucky Newsmakers program Republican Fifth District Congressman Hal Rogers said the United States needs to act swiftly and decisively against the group.

" I think that ISIS poses a clear and present danger to the U-S, both here at home and for Americans overseas...as we've tragically seen with the beheadings of these two reporters.  We've never seen this kind of blatant cruelty," Rogers said.

Republican Congressman Andy Barr from Kentucky's Sixth District, calls ISIS a bigger threat than Al Qaeda when it was led by Osama Bin Laden.

"They're well funded.  They've looted the banks in Mosul.  They also have access to some of the oil in Syria and Iraq, and they have access to passports.  Over a thousand of these fighters have have passports that would allow them to enter the United States and other western countries without a visa," Barr said.

Barr made his comments during an interview with CN 2’s Pure Politics.  Barr claims that ISIS was able to move into Iraq when President Obama withdrew American forces from the country in 2011.