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WUKY Listeners Are Your Potential Customers:

  • 95% of public radio listeners nationally have taken direct action as a result of a sponsorship
  • 71% have one or more college degrees
  • 59% are business owners, proprietors, or managers
  • 5 times more likely than average to own a home worth $1,000,000 or more

A brand new study at Boston’s WBUR reveals that public radio underwriting can compete with and even outperform advertising campaigns on three metrics: influencing customers purchasing frequency, perceptions of quality, and consideration of a company for future purchases.

“I wanted to demonstrate that in an FCC-compliant message, we can produce the same ROI but in a different way,” said WBUR Station Manager Corey Lewis.

WBUR listeners increased their purchase from new sponsors by an average of 14%. Among WBUR donors, the results were stronger still (21%). Continuing underwriters reaped the biggest benefits. Listeners and donors increased their purchasing frequency (from continuing underwriters) at twice the rate of the general sample. These results continued to grow the longer their campaigns ran.

The study proves that spending on public radio sponsorship is more effective than traditional advertising.