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24/7 Wall Street recently ranked Kentucky as the fifth least business friendly state due in large part to an undereducated work force.  This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle gets reaction from Dr. Jay Box, president of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.  Dr. Box also shares the results of a recent system-wide economic impact study.

Lane Report

Last week President Trump made good on his promise to impose tariff hikes on imported steel and aluminum and now economists are speculating that some countries will retaliate with higher duties on American products like Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Kentucky Bourbon.  This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle and Lane Report Executive Editor Mark Green discuss how the state's steel, aluminum, and bourbon sectors could be affected.

GOP Senate To Try, Try Again On Pension Bill This Week, But Time Is Drawing Short

Mar 12, 2018
Josh James / WUKY

This week on WUKY's Capital Chat Alan Lytle and Kentucky Gazette editor and publisher Laura Cullen Glasscock discuss the potential workload the Republican-led Senate has in front of it with just 13 days remaining in the 2018 legislative session.

UK Now

This Sunday will be a historic day for the city of Frankfort.  Around one o’clock in the afternoon the Capital Plaza Tower will be reduced to rubble.  Dr. Doug Boyd, the director of the Nunn Center for Oral Histories in the UK Libraries has a personal interest in the event because he wrote about the community and people who were displaced to make room for the tower's construction in the 1960's.  Boyd, whom you might know from our ongoing series Saving Stories, is the author of Crawfish Bottom, Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community.

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Independent Producer Nadia Ramlagan kicks off her series of reports on the opioid crisis by spending a day at the Fayette County Health Department's weekly needle exchange.  The OA Chronicles can be heard exclusively on WUKY.

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Independent producer Nadia Ramlagan is on a mission to collect and tell stories from those caught up in the opioid epidemic.  The Maryland native recently moved to the Lexington area and discovered that Kentucky's second largest city has a long history when it comes to heroin and other opiates, starting with the establishment of the now defunct Narco Farm in 1935.  Nadia's reports, which we're dubbing The OA Chronicles - (OA - short for Opioid Addiction,) will soon air exclusively on WUKY.

Josh James / WUKY

This week on WUKY's Capital Chat Kentucky Gazette editor and publisher Laura Cullen Glasscock handicaps the prospects for a public pension overhaul, a state budget that includes House Republicans' cigarette tax hike and new taxes on opioids, plus the likelihood of a tax reform package in the final weeks of the legislative session.


Kentucky is ranked as the fifth least business friendly state in 24/7 Wall Street's annual Best and Worst States for Business report.  This week on the Business Side we talk to editor Doug McIntire to find out why.  The chief reason should come as no surprise.

Samantha Lederman

WUKY Horse Capital reporter Samantha Lederman recently took her daughter on an organized tour to see Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome and discovered a whole new cottage industry celebrating Central Kentucky's equine excellence.  The approach is not unlike the highly successful Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Associated Press

The spinning is already under way by the respective political parties regarding last week's and tomorrow's special House elections.  We try to sort it out in our Monday morning Capital Chat with Laura Cullen Glasscock, editor and publisher of the Frankfort-based Kentucky Gazette.