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Lexington Downtown Development Authority

This week on the Business Side, WUKY's Alan Lytle talks with Alan Stein of the Stein Group.  He's just been named interim chief executive of the new Downtown Lexington Partnership; the result of the announced merger of the Downtown Lexington Corporation, which hosts things like Thursday Night Live and the city's Fourth of July Festival, and the Lexington Downtown Development Authority, which handles major development issues like the renovation of the Old Courthouse and Town Branch Commons.  Stein discusses the rationale and timetable for the new umbrella organization.


This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle talks with Lael Brainard, a Federal Reserve Governor who recently met with community development leaders in Eastern Kentucky including Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development, also known as MACED, the Brushy Fork Institute, Berea College, as well as the Greater Clark Foundation in Winchester.  Brainard also shares her observations after visiting several innovative sites across the region.   She'll take those observations back to Washington to inform the Fed's monetary, supervisory, and regulatory policies.

Josh James / WUKY

The media world Lee Mengistu and Marjorie Kirk will step into when they step off the graduation stage at the University of Kentucky bears little resemblance to the one where Walter Cronkite calmly assured audiences that "that's the way it is."

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When was the last time you stopped to look at the world through the eyes of a child?  Spend the next few minutes listening to 12 year old Nathan Palley and his 10 year old sister Amanda and their recent conversation in the StoryCorps booth.  They take turns asking each other questions about their interests, books, and make believe scenarios.

Bourbon Makers Encouraging Consumers To Try Rye - And More Spirits News

May 1, 2017
The Bourbon Review

This week on the Business Side Justin Thompson of the Bourbon Review discusses the expansion of rye whiskey in the world of spirits.  Plus news on a limited edition of Old Rip Van Winkle hitting the shelves soon!

If it seems like telemarketing and robocalls have been on the rise lately in Kentucky, it’s not your imagination. Scammers – armed with ever-improving technology – are finding innovative ways to skirt the rules.

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We begin our Story Corps series by hearing from one of Lexington’s more recent residents.  25 year old Abraham Ikando talks to his friend, Karissa Porter with Kentucky Refugee Ministries, about his journey as a Congolese refugee and how KRM helped him from feeling lost. In this excerpt Abraham talks about his passion for music, his friendship with Karissa, and how he still has hope for America in a time when refugees are vulnerable with the current administration.

Summit At Fritz Farm Readies For Its Grand Opening

Apr 24, 2017
Bayer Properties

This week on the Business Side Brennan Fielder talks with Lindsay Bayer-Shipp, creative director and brand strategist at Bayer Properties, the Alabama-based developer set to debut the Summit at Fritz Farm, a sprawling new retail and dining complex on Nicholasville Road at Man O War Boulevard in the shadow of Fayette Mall.  The grand opening event is Thursday April 27th.

Josh James

Lane Report Executive Editor Mark Green talks with Alan Lytle about the $1.33 B retrofit at Toyota's Georgetown plant, Amazon's $1.5 B investment in Northern Kentucky, and a potential billion dollar announcement coming soon in Eastern Kentucky.

Hemp Pilot Project Heading Into Fourth Planting Season

Apr 10, 2017
Smiley Pete Publishing

This week on the Business Side Alan Lytle talks with Business Lexington Managing Editor David Nichols about Kentucky's industrial hemp pilot project, which is about to go into its fourth planting season, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.