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Alan Lytle

Lexington motorists often drive on Man O’ War Boulevard and Sir Barton Way but few know the full story of what made them so legendary. Take for example Sir Barton: the Kentucky thoroughbred was the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes – now known as the Triple Crown – in 1919, inspiring the yearly pursuit of racing glory that continues to fascinate us. For nearly a century, however, achievements by Man o’ War and other great horses of the era overshadowed those of Sir Barton.  Recently at an appearance at the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, author Jennifer S. Kelly discussed her new book “Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown” and afterward spoke exclusively with WUKY’s Alan Lytle.  She said the legend of Sir Barton starts with a series of seemingly minor events: a kick, a cut and a cough.

Samantha Lederman

Thousands of horse enthusiasts will again gather at the Kentucky Horse Park this weekend for BreyerFest - a three day extravaganza bringing the model horse world to life. Kids and adults alike can take part in the many workshops, free seminars and shopping, all while meeting some of the horses that inspire the models. Every BreyerFest ticket includes a FREE Limited Edition Breyer figurine, created just for the event.  And as WUKY’s Horse Capital Reporter Samantha Lederman tells us, this year’s guest of honor is a popular fixture of the horse park.

Lexington Film League

What do the Avengers, Pretty In Pink, Repo Man and Kelly’s Heroes all have in common?  They all feature the talents of Kentucky native and  Hollywood icon Harry Dean Stanton.  Since 2011 the Lexington Film League has held a festival in his honor.  This year's event includes the aforementioned movies and others.  Event founder Lucy Jones recalls the moment she became aware of Harry Dean’s cinematic gravitas and connection to Lexington.  She provides a preview of the festivities, July 12-14, with WUKY's Alan Lytle.

Samantha Lederman

The Bluegrass 10,000 is a Central Kentucky Independence Day tradition, and this year will see it's 43rd iteration.  WUKY's Samantha Lederman sat down with last year's winner Zack Beavin.

Smiley Pete Publishing

This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle talks with Business Lexington editor Tom Wilmes about new food and beverage options coming to our town including a new location for Sav's Grill, a Drake's coming soon to Hamburg, new life for for Graze restaurant and a second location for distillery district staple Ethereal.

Alan Lytle

How fair is the city of Lexington for its LGBTQ citizens 20 years after passing the Fairness Ordinance, especially in the face of well-organized, well-funded opposition from religious freedom groups?  A panel of advocates discussed the future of laws designed to protect citizens from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodation and others who are challenging these ordinances largely on religious grounds.

Dana Rogers/DLP/Smiley Pete Publishing

The Downtown Lexington Partnership recently held what it is billing as an inaugural State Of Downtown summit and panel discussion.  This week on WUKY's The Business Side Alan Lytle discusses the major findings and takeaways with Business Lexington editor Tom Wilmes.

Associated Press

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or are brand new to the commonwealth you know that there’s been a lot of tension between Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and his Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton.  And while the recent quarrels have been endless fodder for political pundits, how often has this kind of thing happened before in Kentucky?  Kentucky historian Ron Bryant puts it all in perspective.  He talks with WUKY's Alan Lytle.

Alan Lytle

LGBTQ community leaders are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the passage of a Fairness Ordinance in Lexington.  On Sunday some of those who were on the front lines and behind the scenes participated in a panel discussion at the downtown Lexington Public Library.

The Lane Report

The Kentucky Horse Park recently celebrated 40 years in Lexington  and one of its major goals moving forward is to be less reliant on state funding.  This week on the Business Side WUKY's Alan Lytle talks with Lane Report executive editor Mark Green about the venue's future moving forward.  The statewide business magazine recently conducted a one on one interview with executive director Laura Prewitt.