Marshall County High School shooting

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The families of two Marshall County High School students who lost their lives to gun violence in 2018 are applauding the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 1 out of committee.

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The families of victims of a Kentucky school shooting have filed separate civil lawsuits blaming the suspect's parents for failing to secure a handgun used in the attack.

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School safety tops the legislature's agenda during the 2019 session. Wednesday, lawmakers unveiled a bipartisan Senate bill Wednesday that takes a multi-pronged approach to the problem.

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Tragedy struck in late January when a gunman opened fire in a crowded atrium at Marshall County High School, killing two teenagers and injuring many more as terrified students fled for their lives when gun violence shattered a rural Kentucky community. The attack that turned the nation's attention on the grieving town of Benton has been voted Kentucky's top news story of 2018 in the annual Associated Press poll of editors, news directors and reporters.

A federal school safety commission created by President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida shooting in February made the rounds in Lexington Tuesday.

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A state school safety working group gathered testimony this week with an eye toward drafting a policy recommendations for the General Assembly. So far, the most controversial remedy – arming teachers – has met mostly with skepticism from lawmakers and panelists.  

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Jeff Dysinger's daughter survived two bullets from a classmate at her Kentucky high school this year, but he hasn't joined in the national outcry over guns that escalated after 17 people died in a Florida school shooting three weeks later.

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Lexington students rallied in solidarity with nationwide anti-gun violence demonstrations Saturday in the city's courthouse plaza.

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A Kentucky appeals court said Thursday that a judge presiding over a school shooting case was wrong to close the suspect's criminal arraignment to the public.  In a separate ruling this week, the state's chief justice denied a motion from prosecutors seeking to remove the same judge from the case.

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A month after a school shooting killed two teenagers and injured more than a dozen others in his state, Kentucky's Republican governor says the state should consider allowing some people to carry guns in public schools.